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Ever had a need to draw a text string in a decreasng spiral ? Well me neither, but that didn't stop me from writing an applet to do it. For a description of the font class used in this demo see my Hershey Font class. For a look at the source code for this applet see spiral.java. See the source code for a full listing of possible parameters, but in brief it takes number of spirals, colors, font name, font size, starting angle, radius, string and x,y position.

03/14/2006 :Well it's been a while, (10 years... TEN YEARS!... I guess I procrastinate) since I updated this page, but I still get questions about it so I guess there is still a need. I really thought it would be obsolete years and years ago. Anyway, here's a description on how to make use of this for your own needs. Several people have wanted to have their own message and incorporate it into their own document. The only way I know off-hand to do this is to let the applet do its thing, and then do a screen capture, chop out the spiral portion and put the resultant image into your document. So, download my HersheyFont zipped, tar file. Unpack it. In the resultant HersheyFont directory, edit the spral.html file, change the "Help I've fallen..." message to your own, and then open the spiral.html file in your browser. If all goes well, you'll see your message. Do a "Print Screen" or whatever your operating system uses to capture the screen. Edit the result and add to your document.

If you had a Java enabled browser, you would see my demo now !

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