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[ New ]I'm in the process of bringing my Bat House back online after many years of it being down.
It's still work work-in-progress, but you can get a sneak-peak of it here

Holy Bat Box Batman!
it's The Buzbee Bat House Temperature Plot !

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Do I have too much time on my hands or what ? I didn't think so, but how then do I explain this ?

It began one evening in Egypt several years ago. I was crossing the Nile on a small sailboat and was fascinated by the sight of bats skimming the surface of the river, snatching up the insects. When I moved to Denver, I thought it might be interesting to put up a bat house to see if I could attract any bats. After a couple of months of trying to convince my wife, she relented ( and actually bought me a book on bats ). So my Son and I built and erected the bat house.

Now after two years of waiting, ( much to my wife's relief and my daughter's dismay ) no bats. So I read up on the known habits of bats and made a few changes. I moved the house a bit, and caulked and painted it. It turns out that one of the most important factors for a bat when selecting a place to roost, is the temperature. So I decided to see what was happening inside, and share this important information with the world. Thus this page. The most current temperature is on the right and is sampled every half hour. The image represents a span of approximately 5 days.

Fall 2005

Well I went back to Egypt with my family, and once again, we went for a sail on the Nile. And just like before, I watched for the bats that started me down this road. And guess what? Once again I saw swooping and darting animals skimming the surface of the water picking off insects. Only they weren't bats. They were birds. Could it be that I've been maintaining the wrong website for more than ten years? Should I have put a thermometer in a bird house and started birdbox.org? Should I have been collecting bird URLs from all over the world? Instead of Bat Houses, should I have been building bird houses with my kids like any other normal parent? .....Nah, I don't think so. On with the show!


Read the latest installment of my Bat House Saga. Now with Bat House Pictures!

Temperature Over The Last 5 Days

[ Temperature Plot Image ]
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The "White-Nose Syndrome" is a mysterious epidemic that has been causing the deaths of thousands upon thousands of bats in the Northeastern part of the United States. The symptoms appear during the hibernation season and include general weakness, poor health and a white fungus around the nose . As of yet, no definitive cause has been identified for this disease. If it continues on, scientists fear it could cause the extinction of the Indiana Bat and decimate the population of other bats species.
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