In the Spring of 2007, we visited Germany. Renting a car in Frankfurt, we set off with only a couple of nights reservations and just a general idea of an itinerary. We spent a week driving the autobahns and back-roads, exploring historic cities, enjoying the food and drink, and generally having a good time. The following are some of our photos from our vacation.
Germany - 2007
Tom along the city wall in Rothenburg
Medieval bridge outside Rothenburg
Portion of the city wall, in an un-restored state
Tom, Laura and a friend in Rothenburg
Eating out
View of the city from a distance
City Gate
Street scene
Stair-stepped portion of the wall
Tom and Laura along the wall
Laura and Jim on a city street in Rothenburg
Crossing the moat at the entrance to the medieval city of Dinkelsbuhl
Dinkelsbuhl street
View from atop the church steeple in Nordlingen - a city built in the center of an ancient meteor crater
1600 year-old Castle Harburg where we spent a night
View from inside the wall
Castle gate
Tom and I walked a path around the castle
Panoramic view from the castle
We made a quick stop in Stuttgart to visit the Porsche factory
Looking up at the ruins of a castle in Frankenstein Germany
Jim in the Frankenstein Church yard
Castle ruins, Church and graveyard
Looking down at the village from the ruins
Family portrait at the ruins
An ancient Roman bridge over the Moselle river in Trier Germany
Karl Marx was born in Trier
Trier was an important Roman city, complete with a colosseum
Underneath the colosseum where wild animals were kept
Judi exiting the colosseum
The ancient Black Gate in Trier
The Cathedral of Trier which dates back to the Roman period
Ceiling inside the Cathedral
Statue inside the Cathedral
Interior of the Cathedral
Laura and Judi enjoying the spring weather
Trier street
Laura along the Rhine
Tom, Laura and Judi
Laura and Jim waiting for a Rhine river boat
Unfortunately our boat crashed into the dock. We had to catch it down-river.
Castle along the Rhine
Laura photographing the views
Castle along the Rhine
Castle on an Island - all the better for taking tolls.
Our last visit, we stayed in this castle: Reichenstein
Another castle
The Mouse Tower where legend says a cruel ruler was eaten by mice
The drosselgasse in Rudesheim