Trading Boxes

Trading Spaces inspired!

For this room, I started by gluing popsicle sticks to the bottom of the box for a wood floor. i then find some bright colored fabrics. I cut out a pink rectangle of fabric and then a smaller, blue patterned one and put the blue on top of the pink for a rug. I got a wooden box, turned it upside down, put a small square of blue fabric on it, and put a decorative straw hat on this easy side table to add interest. I got a pre- made bed and covered it with a tropical pink and orange flowered fabric. I covered the pillow with a yellow shier fabric to bring out the yellows in the bedspread. I then hung a purple disco ball from the ceiling, just for fun.

First, in this room, I put in a shimmery blue fabric for carpet. After that, I put in wallpaper which I chose to do in a different shade of blue. I painted the pieces of furniture various shades of blue. I painted the desk dark blue and the chair a very light shimmery blue. I painted the dresser a dark aqua and painted a white border around it. I painted the wardrobe an extremely pale shade of blue. Then to make the bed, I got a piece of foam. I hot glued an aqua fabric to the foam. I used paper for a dust ruffle. I cut poles and glued one of them to the top of the bed and the other two to the walls and the vertical pole. I then cut a rectangle of fabric in a transparent blue flowered fabric. In two of the corners, I cut a small triangle out of them. I then glued the fabric to the poles with the sides with the triangles cut out of them facing out from the wall. I put the triangles together so that the gap was gone, and glued them to the vertical poles. I then added some accessories such as a small painting, Pencils made from toothpicks, and a lamp made with a base of hot glue, a toothpick, and a blue paper lampshade.

Laura Buzbee

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