Trading Boxes

Trading Spaces inspired!
You start with a box that is the right size for the room you want to make.

Add carpet into the room. I chose a bright blue metallic fabric to match the room's color type.
Start on furniture. Sometimes, you can make furniture, but I started with a pre-made couch, even if it needs changes.

Make any needed changes to the furniture. For this room the couch needed some changes, so I slip-covered it with tape and this greenish-blue fabric.
I had to cover up the ruffle at the bottom of the couch so I chose a funky green fabric and used the edge where the design stopped.
Then you place the furniture into the box on top of the carpet. I placed the couch along the short wall of the box.
Then place accessories onto the furniture. In this case I made blue pillows and then put a layer of transparent iridescent pink fabric over the top of the blue, making them appear silver, and then placed three on the couch.
I then get a rectangle of black paper.

I put a trim of blue, white and silver ribbon around the paper to make a blackboard, or TV, or anything like that.
I then hung it on the wall opposite the couch. Wall hangings add warmth to an area.

I then put in a wood and metal cabinet on the long wall in the box.

To fill space and add some fun, I put in a reflective square of paper to be a rug. The reflection makes the room feel larger.

Laura Buzbee

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