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Leather Wing Bat

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Leather Wing Bat
Re-vamped lyrics by Ariane Simard

"I" said the little leatherwing bat
"I'll tell to you the reason that
The reason that I fly by night
Because I lost my heart's delight"

Howdy-dowdy, diddle-um-day
Howdy-dowdy, diddle-um-day
Howdy-dowdy, diddle-um-day
Hi lee-lee, little-I little-o

"I" said the cockerel sitting on a fence
"Once I loved a handsome wench
She got saucy and from me fled
Ever since, my crests been red."

"I" said the blackbird sittin' on a chair
"Once I courted a lady, fair.
She proved fickle and turned her back
And ever since then I've dressed in black."


“Aye,” said the robin, pecking at the clover.
"Your courting days are best long over
Marry soon and you’ll shed no tear
Complete in love means free from fear."

“Tut-tut” said the little turtle dove,
"I’ll tell you how to win her love
Court her night and court her day
Never give her time to say 'O neigh'"


“Hey” said the woodpecker high in a tree,
"To hear love’s beat, listen close to me
My lady-love laughed, then she flew away
And ever since then, I’ve worked all day."

"I" said the bluejay and away he flew
"If I were a young man I'd have two
If one were faithless and chanced to go
I'd add the other string to my bow" 


"Neigh" said the little turtle dove
"For that's no way for to gain her love
If you want to gain your heart's delight
Keep her awake both day and night"

"Hoot" said the owl with a head so white
"A lonesome day and a lonesome night
Thought I heard some pretty girl say
She'd court all night and sleep all day"


“Hush,” said the bat from high in a tree
"I want my lady to marry me.
Hurry off to bed and no more speak
Of the love you’ve lost or the love you seek."

Bat unfurled his wings and began to fly,
Among the trees in the moonlit sky.
Away he flew off into the night,
searching for his heart’s delight.


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