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Devra Kunin sent me the following poems

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From a very old Peter, Paul and Mary album:

"Hi!" said the little leatherwinged bat,
"I'll tell you the reason that--
the reason that I fly by night
is that I've lost my heart's delight."

Excerpt from Robert Browning's "Sordello":

The sorriest bat which cowers through noontide
While other birds are jocund, has one time
When moon and stars are blinded, and the prime
Of earth is his to claim, nor find a peer.

Old nursery rhyme:

Bat, bat, come under my hat
and I'll give you a piece of bacon,
and when I bake, I'll give you a cake,
if I am not mistaken.

It was once a popular belief that bats liked bacon, possibly because
they sometimes came down people's chimneys, where bacon used to hang to

An excerpt from "Sir Roderic's Song" from Gilbert and Sullivan's RUDDIGORE: 

When the night wind howls in the chimney cowls,
        and the bat in the moonlight flies,
And inky clouds, like funeral shrouds,
        sail over the midnight skies--
When the footpads quail at the night-bird's wail,
        and black dogs bay at the moon,
Then is the spectres' holiday--then is the ghosts'
        high noon!

Excerpt from "Senlin: A Biography" by Conrad Aiken

It is evening Senlin says, and in the evening
The leaves on the trees, abandoned by the light,
Look to the earth, and whisper, and are still.
The bat with horned wings, tumbling through the darkness,
Breaks the web, and the spider falls to the ground.
The starry dewdrop gathers upon the oakleaf,
Clings to the edge, and falls without a sound.

The last four lines of a poem called "The Phases of the Moon"
by W. B. Yeats.

And then he laughed to think that what seemed hard
Should be so simple--a bat rose from the hazels
And circled round him with its squeaky cry,
The light in the tower window was put out.

William Blake:

The bat that flits at close of Eve
Has left the brain that won't believe.

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