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“Vladimir’s First Flight” by Chantel Eaton

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At the bottom of a stairwell
In a pile of screeching lint,
We found our newborn batling

He was crying for his mama
Who'd long since flown away
And left her babe to die there.
On this...his saddest day.

His body? Cold and hairless.
His face? Only his mother could kiss,
And fortunately for him this night,
I would become just this.

We fed him with a bottle
And we cuddled him at night.
We dreamed about his future,
And planned on his first flight.

The weeks turned into months,
He grew dearer by the day.
We couldn't imagine life without,
The bat who came to stay.

Vladimir, we'd name him
But he never learned to fly,
We provided everything he'd need
He didn't need the sky.

He'd often spread his wings at night,
Our hearts told us he'd go,
But he never actually took to air
He must have loved us so.

A virus came a-creepin'
Into our home one night.
It took our little Vladimir
To Heaven...for his first flight.

                     -Chantel D. Eaton
                       September 13, 1997

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