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“My Batty Friend” by Rich Hilbert

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I think that I shall never see
A think so lovely as a bat.
I like to have them land on me.
Now, what do you think of that?

I had a young brown bat named gus.
Over food, he'd make a fuss.
It really made you want to cuss.
But such was the temperament of Gus.

One day a bug flew toward a tree.
Gus's radar could easily see
Him flying. I thought, "That's good,
That Gus in going to have some food."

But in that tree lived Fred the Owl.
A dangerous bird, a frightening fowl.

Into the den of Owl flew Bug,
And Gus followed after, but there on the rug
Lay the Owl asleep. Gus just had to think
Of how he could eat without making a peep.

He tip-toed in. He rolled on the floor,
But hadn't remembered to open the door,
But instead had crashed through it--which made such a fuss
That it even awakened the rest of us.

So the owl named Fred, when he'd gathered his wits,
When he finally got over his rants and his fits,
Said "Hello, Gus!"  He was awfully excited,
For he knew that his hunger would be satisfieded.

 "Hello, hello, Fred."  The sweat had to roll.
(Bats always get scared in these cases, you know.)

"I would like to eat a bat."
"What care I for that?"
"I'm about to get my wish, and get my favorite dish."
"It's been a bad day, through and through."
"Maybe tomorrow will be better--tomorrow's always do."
"Make it fast and sweet, to use a cliche."
"Sweet 'n sour's my delight, any day."
"Don't chew with your mouth full."
"Would you like a blindfold?"
"That's bad etiquette."

Yes, I remember how Owl, though thinner,
Had a Gus-flavored dinner.

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