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The Bat by Nicole Pawlucki

Posted by admin on October 5th, 2007 filed in Uncategorized

The sun had set when they began their flight,
        Within a darkened cave they'd grown more bold.
A cloud of bats erupts into the night,
        Their leath'ry wings now lick the air so cold.
Dispersing now, they go their sep'rate ways.
        Emerging crecent moon now sets the mood.
A smaller bat heads easteard through the haze,
        Towards a house in search of moths for food.
Why do your human brothers fear you so?
        You killed and ate their pests this starry night.
You're lovely, as your flight did clearly show;
        Your silver wings did pull the air so tight.
        In spite of those who wish to see you die,
        You'll rise again when darkness tints the sky.

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