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There's a Hair in My Dirt ! : A Worm's Story Worm's, Bat's, whatever. If it's by Gary Larson it has to be good. Just published !

Bat Books For Kids

Amazing Bats (Eyewitness Juniors, No 13) Vol 13; Frank Greenaway; Paperback; $8.99

Bat Jamboree; Kathi Appelt, et al; Hardcover; $14.40; .

We own The Bat Jamboree by Kathi Appelt and Melissa Sweet and we love it! It is an excellent read aloud story and has a great beat if you get going with it! Kids really respond to it and like to hear it over and over! It's an all around great book, the illustrations, the beat and rhyme as well as a counting concept book. Review by Mary Russell

The Bat Jamboree; Melissa Sweet, Kathi Appelt; Library Binding; $15.93;

A nice little book with comic bat characters for the younger set.

Bat's Surprise (Get Ready...Get Set...Read!); Kelli C. Foster, et al; Paperback; $3.56; .

Bats : Bat Magic for Kids (Animal Magic for Kids); Kathryn T. Lundberg, et al; School & Library Binding; $18.60

Bats : Creatures of the Night (All Aboard Reading : Level 2 : Grades 1-3); Judith Moffatt, Joyce Milton; Paperback; $3.56; .

Bats for Kids (Wildlife for Kids Series); Merlin D. Tuttle, et al; Paperback; $6.25

The Fascinating World Of...Bats; Marcek Socias Studio, Maria Angels Julivert; Hardcover; $10.75; .

The Fascinating World Of...Bats; Marcel Socias Studio, Maria Angels Julivert; Paperback; $7.15; .

Extremely Weird : Bats (Extremely Weird); Sarah Lovett; Paperback; $5.35;

We donated this book to my son's school. Kids really love the great pictures.

It Goes Eeeeeeeeeeeee!; Diane De Groat, Jamie Gilson; Hardcover; $12.55; .

Scholastic's the Magic School Bus Going Batty : A Book About Bats (Magic School Bus); Nancy E. Krulik, et al; Paperback; $2.69; .

The Magic School Bus, Going Batty. Good information. A great series of science books. Let's make sure the kids get some hands on action as well as the vicarious experience of the book though. Review by Mary Russell

Stellaluna; Janell Cannon; School & Library Binding; $14.40; .

My daughter has really enjoyed this classic

Stellaluna, I can't say enough! Absolutely fantastic illustrations! The vocabulary Cannon chooses to use is wonderful. After hearing it several times, my 3 and four year olds are saying things like, "How embarrasing!" and "crooned" Review by Mary Russell

Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats (Let'S-Read-And-Find-Out Science, Stage 2); Henry Cole, Ann Earle; Paperback; $4.45; .

World's Weirdest Bats (World's Weirdest Series); M. L. Roberts; Paperback; $2.66

Amazing Bats; Frank Greenaway; Unknown Binding; $15.60

A First Look at Bats (A First Look at Series); Millicent E. Selsam, et al; Hardcover; $11.95

Fisherman Bats (Bats); Pamela J. Gerholdt; Library Binding; $19.97

Bats (Nighttime Animals); Lynn M. Stone; Library Binding; $13.27

Bats; Paperback

Bats; M. Brock Fenton; Hardcover; $40.50

Five Special Senses/H007; Eric Berg; Paperback; $10.85

Flying Fox Bats (Bats); Pamela J. Gerholdt; Library Binding; $19.97

Flyers (Prehistoric Zoobooks Ser); John Bonnett Wexo, Walter Stuart; Library Binding; $14.95

Bats; Hardcover

Wrinkle-Faced Bats (Bats); Pamela J. Gerholdt; Library Binding; $19.97

Bats and Other Animals of the Night (A Random House Pictureback); Jim Deal, Joyce Milton; Paperback; $2.93

Bats : Mysterious Flyers of the Night (A Carolrhoda Nature Watch Book); Dee Stuart; Paperback; $6.25

Bats (A New True Book); Susan Heinrichs Gray; School & Library Binding; $17.10

Bats (New True Books); Susan H. Gray; Paperback; $4.95

Bats; Art L'Hommedieu, John L. Hommedieu; Hardcover; $6.29

Bats (Zoo Books); Linda Wood; Library Binding; $14.95

Bats (Lerner Natural Science Book); Sylvia Johnson; Paperback; $7.80

Bats (Natural Science Book); Sylvia Johnson; Library Binding; $21.50

Bats (The Wildlife Library); Michael George; Library Binding; $22.79

Vampire Bats (Bats); Pamela J. Gerholdt; Library Binding; $19.97

Shadows of Night : The Hidden World of the Little Brown Bat; Barbara Bash; Paperback; $6.25; .

Dog-Faced Bats (Bats); Pamela J. Gerholdt; Library Binding; $19.97

Bats : Ultrasonic Navigators (Secrets of the Animal World); Eulalia Garcia, et al; Library Binding; $18.60

Bats : Swift Shadows in the Twilight (The Wonder Series); Ann C. Cooper; Paperback; $7.15; .

The book incorporates avtivities and constructions that the kids can do, including a three dimensional cave and a bat 'flick book' which shows the movement of a bat in flight. The reverse sides of the flick book pages contain fascinating bat facts and a bat cryptogram. The book has received very favorable response from elementary school teachers in Colorado who have used many of the activities in their Bat Units. Review by the Author, Ann Cooper.

Batman : Exploring the World of Bats; Laurence Pringle; School & Library Binding; $14.40

Bats of the World : 103 Species in Full Color (A Golden Guide); Gary L. Graham; Hardcover; $22.60 ; .

Bats : Night Fliers; Giulio Maestro, Betsy Maestro; School & Library Binding; $14.35

Bats of the World : 103 Species in Full Color (A Golden Guide); Gary L. Graham, et al; Paperback; $6.25; .

Bat; Richard Hewett, Caroline Arnold; Hardcover; $14.40; .

Bat Books for Academia

Bats : A Community Perspective (Cambridge Studies in Ecology); James S. Findley; Hardcover; $54.95

Bats : Biology and Behaviour; John D. Altringham; Hardcover; $65.00

Communication in the Chiroptera; M. Brock Fenton; Hardcover; $35.00

Comparative Neurobiology in Chiroptera : Brain Characteristics in Functional Systems, Ecoethological Adaptation, Adaptive Radiation and Evolution Vol 3; Georg Baron, et al; Hardcover; $118.00

Comparative Neurobiology in Chiroptera : Brain Characteristics in Taxonomic Units Vol 2; Georg Baron, et al; Hardcover; $90.00

Comparative Neurobiology in Chiroptera : MacRomorphology, Brain Structures, Tables and Atlases Vol 1; Georg Baron, et al; Hardcover; $118.00

Ecology of Bats; Thomas H. Kunz; Paperback; $95.00

Ecology, Evolution, and Behaviour of Bats : The Proceedings of a Symposium Held by the Zoological Society of London and the Mammal Society : London); P. A. Racey, Susan M. Swift; Hardcover; $140.00

Listening in the Dark : The Acoustic Orientation of Bats and Men; Donald R. Griffin; Paperback; $25.00

Natural History of Vampire Bats; Arthur M. Greenhall, Uwe Schmidt; Hardcover; $216.00

The Neural Basis of Echolocation in Bats; Hardcover

Hearing by Bats (Springer Handbook of Auditory Research, Vol 5); Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay; Hardcover; $89.00

Other Bat Books

Rabies in Bats ; Danny Brass ; Hardcover; $49.95;

While some sections of the book contain medical terminology, the author does a good job of putting the subject into its' proper perspective. Questions about rabies are always asked by one person or another when they find out you work with bats. Information presented in Rabies in Bats, makes the answers clearer. Review by : Harold S. Burke Jr.

America's Neighborhood Bats; Merlin D. Tuttle; Hardcover; $17.96;

This was my first bat book that my wife bought me and that I used to build my first bat house, although the latest Bat House Builders Handbook offers better information for building bat houses. Good general information, nice pictures. Recommended.

America's Neighborhood Bats : Understanding and Learning to Live in Harmony With Them; Merlin D. Tuttle; Paperback; $8.95;

This may be the same as the above, in paperback.

Bat Bomb : World War II's Other Secret Weapon; Jack Couffer; Hardcover; $22.46

The Bat House Builder's Handbook; Donna L. Hensley, et al; Paperback; $8.95

I recently purchased this book that offers the most up-to-date information on building bat houses. BCI claims a very high success rate if all of their advice is followed. Highly recommended

The Bat in the Boot; Annie Cannon; Hardcover; $14.35

The Bats of Texas (W.L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series, No Ii) Vol 11; David J. Schmidly; Hardcover; $34.50

Vampiro : The Vampire Bat in Fact and Fantasy; David E. Brown; Paperback; $10.95

Walker's Bats of the World; Ronald M. Nowak; Paperback; $17.96

The World of Bats : The Flying Goblins of the Night.; Alfred Limbrunner, Klaus Richarz; Hardcover; $32.36

Bats of British Columbia : The Mammals of British Columbia (Royal British Columbia Museum Handbook) Vol 1; David W. Nagorsen, et al; Paperback; $15.95

Just Bats; M. Fenton; Paperback; $16.95